Gladstone Yacht Club

"The Friendliest Club on the Lakes"


Organized in 1938 as a boating club, the Gladstone Yacht Club originally held its meetings in the vacated hockey rink warming shack at the foot of Tenth Street.

The charter members included, Walfred Lindberg, Douglas Mathison, William Noreus, Clarence Royer, Earl Louis, and Clyde Cole, a native of Gladstone and a boat builder who served as the first Commodore.

The clubhouse was started in 1940 and was completed in 1941 on land lease from the city of Gladstone. Modernization and improvements have been made to the clubhouse over the years by club members.

The club was incorporated with the State of Michigan as a nonprofit organization on April 29, 1942 for thirty years; in 1971 this was extended from 30 years to perpetuity.

The club furnished membership to the Coast Guard Reserve during World War II and provided its meeting place. The club also sponsored a Sea Scout Troop.

The club over the years has and continues to provide a meeting place with kitchen facilities to the community. Since 1961 the G.Y.C. has cooperated with the City of Gladstone and the Michigan Waterways Commission in making harbor improvements for the small boat harbor, sharing in finances and “work in kind”.

Over the years the club has promoted and sponsored many water front activities, from pram building, regattas, power runs, charity events, to providing a haven for visiting yachtsmen.

The club is known throughout the Great Lakes region as, “The Friendliest Club on the Lakes”.